About Us

      Innovasion Çevtürk Environmental Technologies carries out its business in several areas such as odor removal, water and gas treatment systems, by exploring, designing and installing the required best-fit systems and is also the manufacturer of odor removal and bacterial products used in those systems.

     Synergy Our Company was founded in 2012 with the aim to develop technologies needed by the industry. Our main goal is to differentiate our reliable, high-quality, affordable and timely services for our customers and taking it one step further. We also intend to make a contribution to our economy in terms of reinforcing the development of domestic products and systems instead of using import products and systems which cause the current account deficit.

    Vision Our vision is to create a healthy environment for the society by identifying the special needs of our customers, increasing the accessibility of user-friendly systems and being an affordable service provider in the short and long run.


The Company’s quality management system is implemented, as well as the most important factor in the quality of our employees could adversely affect the safety risks and take the necessary measures for evaluating the overall quality of job security, which operate in the way of thanksgiving to our company as an indication of the nature which is the source of all raw materials to ensure minimal interaction the most important duty.

On the way to achieve this, individual and corporate occupational health and safety, and taking necessary measures to protect the natural life knowing that passed the appropriate technologies to follow, but not enough for the occupational health / safety and the environment to make continuous improvements in the basic principle.

In this context,

Applicable occupational health / safety and environmental legislation and implementation of follow-up
Preservation of natural resources, raw materials and energy-efficient use of resources and recycling of the product in order to affect the evaluation of the quality of
The public about the environment to examine applications
Employees’ occupational safety / health and environmental issues and continuously trained regained sensitivity to this issue
Subcontractors environmental and occupational health / safety issues and the responsible parties are encouraged to be constantly trained to be sensitive to these issues our main policy

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