Scrubber (Gas washing) Systems


It is a gas treatment system established to remove emissions resulting from the activities of enterprises and industrial facilities. The system functions with the usage of methods such as gas absorption solving, oxidation and neutralization in order to purify the contaminated gas mixture.

The contaminated gas mixture is through the gas wash tower from the bottom to top by the help of a gas exhaust fan. At the same time the special solution in the lower layer of the gas wash tower is sprayed through the nozzles from top the bottom.

Filling materials and several media is used in order to maintain the contact of the solution with the gas. Those materials in the gas wash tower help to create a wider layer for easing the reaction of dirty gas with the solution.  The liquid particles which are flown by the gas stream get caught by the mist eliminator on top of the tower. The undesired gas concentration below the limit values is released to the atmosphere without containing any odor. The clean and fresh air released to the atmosphere.

The scrubber system is specially designed for the chemical and biological product and of operation methods that are to be used. Various filtering units can be added to the system according to different needs of our customers such as pollution load, particle amount and the gas type.

Tray scrubber TekScrubber 2ERG Odorgard Odour DS1