Dust Control Systems

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Cevturk FC is designed for solving the odor and dust problems in outdoor areas, mining operations, demolition works, transport and storage of bulk materials, fragrant substance stockpiling, production and so on. Cevturk FC can operate either manually or automatically. • Outdoor wide-area applications (quarries, business areas, squares, etc.) • Demolition areas • Construction areas, excavation areas • Coal processing and power plants • Cement plants • Steelworks, foundries, scrap collection, transportation places • Wood processing and timber plants Cevturk FC creates a strong fog with thin mist of water droplets. If necessary, an additive can be added to water entry. Cevturk FC, can be used in distances from 30 up to 100 meters. It has the capability to rotate 359° horizontally with the option of auto-rotation and is adjustable 45° vertically up / down with its option of height adjustment. Cevturk FC, can be easily controlled even from maximum 800 meters long with its option of remote control. Cevturk FC, has the option of 3 bar pressure up to 100 bar. With the help of low pressure protection its safe while running safe. Cevturk FC can produce the desired fog level from 5 μ (microns) up to 500 µ. Thanks to the option of filtration it can use well water and lake water. Water consumption may vary between 5 to 150 l / min. It requires minimum maintenance because of its advanced design and has lower maintenance costs, with the option to clean the nozzles. Cevturk FC, has options like two-and three-wheeled chassis, water tank trailer chassis and additive dosing system. Dust suppressant products and odor removal products can also be successfully applied with our system.

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